The cornerstone of community

The Grid streamlines community management and encourages collaboration across communities. Stress less, work efficiently, and spend more time with people instead of software.

Manage efficiently

Manage your community workflows from a single place - invites, proposals, tasks, and more. Use your community operations history to track performance and make transitions for new team members seamless.

Tailor the member experience to your community, be it online, offline, or both.

People sitting at a table working with laptops and stationery
People sitting at a table working with laptops and stationery

Onboarding and offboarding

Tailor the experience you want your new members to have in order to integrate into your community. Track the steps and set goals to help them get acquainted with their new environment.

Offboarding often goes ignored, but we help gain insight into the process. Communicate with members and solicit feedback as they leave to help you further understand the ins and outs of your member base.

Communication - more than just chat

Communities function differently. We help you keep track of ideas, feedback, reflection, interactions, and communication between different people.

The Grid is designed to support not just collaboration between members in a single community, but communication between communities as well.

Sometimes a private space is necessary. Sometimes we want to reach outside an echo chamber for new ideas. At least have the opportunity to do both.

People sitting at a cafe table working with laptops and coffee
People sitting at a table working with laptops and stationery

Networks of communities have never been easier to make

Administrative rules and policies are easy to flow down a permissions hierarchy. Getting rid of the impulse to micro-manage has never been easier. Set permissions and workflows that are necessary your end, and trust team members with the autonomy they need to get the job done.